IHIS Techno Experts Ltd. - Research and Development Center

As a member of S&TP Zemun, IHIS Techno Experts Ltd. was registered in 2007 by the Ministry as a Research and Development Center with the opportunity to apply for development projects and innovation projects with the Ministry. The long-term scientific research work of the researchers of this company is mainly in the field of applied electrochemistry, new materials and metallurgy. It offers technologies in the field of welding and soldering, development of fillers, technologies of casting and plastic processing as well as technologies in the field of water purification and electrochemical power sources.

IHIS Materials Ltd.

Refining of precious metals, extraction of precious metals from secondary raw materials, production of precious metal salts, development and production of materials for water treatment. It services batteries for forklifts and stationary batteries for telecommunications, electric and railroad companies.

IHIS Nutrition Ltd.

Conducts research in the field of food and nutrition. It brings together top experts in the field, which also provides excellent professional support to the industry. It presents the latest scientific achievements in the field of food products to industrial subjects. Their activities include, among other things, development and consulting in the field of functional foods. They offer help with formulation and research, from functional ingredients to the stability of functional products, and are especially specialized in the application of nutritional and health statements on food products.
More: https://ihis-nutricionizam.rs

IHIS Electro contacts Ltd.

Develops and produces contact materials for the needs of the electronic industry.

IHIS Magnets Ltd.

Produces ferrite cores for all needs of the electronic industry and magnetic materials for use in medicine, technics and consumer goods. Read more: http://magneti-feriti.co.rs

IHIS Protection Ltd.

Develops methods and performs recovery of organic solvents. Hazardous waste treatment.

BioEco Tehnologies Ltd. Belgrade

Company for providing services and design in the field of biotechnology in the process industry.