IHIS was founded in 1971 and operated as a research and development Institute for Chemical Energy Sources, and mainly worked for the Army. Since 1991 IHIS operates as a Science and Technology Park which consists of the parent company, a research institute and a significant number of independent development and production companies - members of the Science and Technology Park. This system is called the IHIS OPERATING SYSTEM. The products of this SYSTEM are innovative technologies.

IHIS Science and Technology Park Zemun Inc. was registered in 2006 by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia as a company for infrastructure support of innovation, in charge of providing services to other innovation organizations.

As a member of S&TP Zemun, IHIS Techno Experts Ltd. was registered in 2007 by the said Ministry as a Research and Development Center with the possibility to apply for development projects and innovation projects with the Ministry.
Our goal is to encourage and develop entrepreneurship through the establishment of small and medium enterprises based on innovative technologies, in cooperation with local governments, city and national institutions.

IHIS STP Zemun is based within the former factory Electronic Industry Nis compound and is surrounded by vegetation, it has office space of 400 m2, a hall for lectures and workshops, conference room, semi-industrial facilities and laboratories an area of 5,500 m2, as well as all the necessary infrastructure so that IHIS provides the member companies (members of the S&T Park) with all necessary services.

IHIS is only 1 km away from the highway Belgrade-Novi Sad, 8 km from the highway Belgrade-Zagreb, 15 km from the Belgrade airport, and 7 km from the center of Zemun and 14 km from the Belgrade city center.